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15-Jan-2018 22:32

Started in the UK but now serving USA, Canada, Australia and every other country, I can guarantee you that I set this site up just for you – and not for profit and as such my members recognise this and recommend fusion101 free Christian dating to their friends and families who are single and looking for marriage. because cars were not around then to make getting from one place to another easier and neither were dating agencies – to make meeting new people easier.

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Do you want a serious headache for the rest of your married life?In other words WE must get along with our partners and be willing humble ourselves if we have any hope of staying together. There is a silver lining to this, and that is if you both make the decision to forgive and forget after every row then a marriage can last forever! I don’t know I just see such lame teaching in churches these days on marriage and divorce.Everyone knows that one of the most contentious issues in many marriages is wife and mother in law relationships and as Christians wives and mothers-in-laws, we should do everything possible to meet each other where we are at to make life and the family home peaceful – after all – which mother in law will have your perfect ideals, and which wife will have your exacting child-rearing standards? I don’t know about that – as last time I checked the Bible also says God (the inspirer of the Biblical texts written by men) is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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Well – I have to say that description fits my wife-to-be absolutely perfectly and she is the most Godly girlfriend I have had (and I’m not advocating having more than one if possible – it’s just that I wasn’t always the perfect person I am now:) I am joking of course in regards to me – I’ve not been a very godly person myself – but having seen the match in Proverbs 31 and experiencing this kind of diligent, hard-working, God-seeking, loving person – she leaves 99% girls in the dust. I lived in and around London for many years and I have to say that finding a really godly person – and I mean Godly (i.e one that understands that the church had become very worldly and is not swayed by the media or how the latest cool preacher on the block interprets the Bible) male or female in today’s church is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I certainly wanted someone less like me and more like Jesus – but of course it’s my responsibility to make myself ready for my wife to be too if God is ever going to bless me with in really godly spouse.