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In an all-out battle instigated by Loki in New York City, the Avengers along with many heroes and villains on Earth have been trapped inside disks — a new disk technology originally developed as device for capturing and securing villains around the world.

Spider-Man tries to retrieve the disks from Loki, but he fails and the disks are scattered around the globe.

The 62-year-old excited the crowd as he rocked the signature faces whilst giving a Q&A after a screening of new installment of hit television adaptation of Maigret during the BFI & Radio Times TV Festival.

In Maigret’s Night at the Crossroads, the French investigator will attempt to solve the murder of a dead diamond merchant, while simultaneously trying to handle falling in love with his chief suspect's gorgeous sister.

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The five teens’ new mission, with the help of Spider-Man and The Avengers, is to collect and secure the disks from around the world to prevent impending disaster.The film titled Top Funny Comedian is expected to prove extremely lucrative after Mr Bean's Holiday released in 2007 grossed more than £2.4million in China alone.