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30-Jan-2018 11:18

Lyric Opera of Chicago’s 2015-16 season will feature nine new-to-Chicago productions, including the long-awaited world premiere of 'Bel Canto,' an opera based on the award-winning 2001 novel by Ann Patchett. Perhaps this is what the genre needs: a classical heavyweight like Renée Fleming pivoting from the "specifically European template" of opera and branching into other kinds of performing. Finally, Major League Baseball (MLB) recognized mezzo-soprano Joyce Di Donato and her plea to perform at the World Series.

A Prairie Village native, those who tuned in watched the singer's dream finally come true in the seventh game of the World ...

She has two children from her first marriage to actor Rick Ross.

It was a huge gamble when Manhattan's Renee Fleming, 51, arguably the world's most famous female opera singer, announced she was recording a rock collection called "Dark Hope." The three-time Emmy-winning soprano and Metropolitan Opera House darling sexed up her image - check out those bangs on the album cover!

The Dancing With the Stars band--known as the Harold Wheeler Orchestra and Singers--have been sent their final notice to pack up and move out. morning news bulletins are full of the news that, shock, horror, "Opera singer to sing national anthem at Superbowl." And? ) are earnestly discussing the rights and wrongs of the ... 2, it won't be another pop diva or country music star singing the national anthem.

Instead of paying for a big band ensemble, the producers of DWTS have announced that they will replace the ... Instead, soprano opera singer Renée Fleming will take on the job, and this will be the first time a classical musician has ...

They haven’t started planning their upcoming nuptials, but a friend of Fleming says the couple will probably have a small, family celebration here this fall.

In December, Fleming was named a creative consultant to the Lyric Opera in Chicago.

Here updated to the time of Der Rosenkavalier’s premiere (1911), just before the First World War, it’s not as romantic or nostalgic as usual.La soprano américaine Renée Fleming a fait ses adieux à l'un de ses plus grands rôles samedi soir, en apparaissant pour la dernière fois au Met de New York dans le "Rosenkavalier" de Richard Strauss devant un public enthousiaste.